Long-Term Care Insurance Advocacy

Saving you time, minimizing your anxiety, and guiding you towards a successful outcome.

We advocate for you by becoming your point person

If you need medical care, your house is damaged or you’re involved in an auto accident, who files the claim? The insurance company. If someone needs long-term care is the same true? No, it’s not! You’re on your own and, likely, you’re not the policyholder. Daughters, family members, or good friends often spend days or weeks trying to make sense of whether an insurance benefit exists and how to take advantage of its benefits. Having professional LTCI advocates who are knowledgeable about the process and can do it efficiently and accurately saves time, money, and lowers stress.

villageplan’s™ long-term care specialists are here for you! We are committed to spending the time following up with medical records, sending emails and faxes, and organizing a claim packet. We work with home care agencies, attorneys, financial advisors, assisted living communities, physician offices, hospitals, and other professionals.

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