Customized programs to solve for gaps in your care coordination coverage

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Horizon Specialty Programs

Provide customized services in tandem with your group health plan or long-term care insurance to help pay for out-of-pocket, health-related costs incurred by your employees, retirees, or members, and their family caregivers during and after employment, active service, or coverage periods.

How do you know if Horizon is right for you?

Is Your Program?

  • Self insured for care navigation?
  • Covering small groups with unique issues?
  • Overwhelmed with participant needs?
  • Working with a small budget?
  • Administering help with no expertise?

“Specialty” programs are defined as third-party payers such as institutional Programs & Groups. Employers, Nonprofits, Religious Organizations, Government, and more.

Find Out How Your Group or Organization Can Benefit from Our Horizon Specialty Programs

Our care plans are always customized for a client's particular needs and desires.

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