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Our focus is to keep loved ones in their Renton homes, where they've lived for years, where their memories are, and their heart is.

Even as their needs change over time, someone shouldn’t have to leave their home just because they’re aging or need in-home care in Renton. No one wants to experience a chronic condition or illness, or aging in an unfamiliar environment around so many strangers. It’s unfortunate that caring for a loved one sometimes forces you to think about that decision, removing them from their Renton home for better care. We at villageplan™ focus on providing compassionate in-home care, one-on-one caregiving where the client is the most comfortable and give personalized home health care so they can stay in their Renton home as long as possible.
In-Home Care Renton.
That is one thing we’re most proud of here at villageplan™, our customized senior home care. After all, no two people are the same and their in-home care shouldn’t be either.

When Should I Look into Home Care Services?

You may have noticed changes in your loved one’s ability to take care of themselves and a lessening in their ability to be independent, or they’ve been given a diagnosis that makes living alone in their home unsafe. Often, families are unsure of how serious their loved one’s situation may be or do not live close enough to Renton to be aware of any help they need.

Our caregivers focus on what a patient, your loved one, needs, as well as their interests, and personality in order to pair them with one of our qualified in-home caregivers. Our highest priority in serving the seniors of Renton is to ensure a positive relationship between our clients and their caregiver.

The best way to know if it’s time to bring some help into the home is to schedule an initial assessment and see whether or not your loved one requires in-home care services. Our initial assessment is always complimentary for home care, it’s our way of supporting the family, Renton community, and ensuring everyone are getting the help they need. 

We also serve the following communities:

Our Home Care Services

It’s difficult for anyone to not be near Renton when you know a loved one is struggling with aging or having difficulty navigating a chronic condition. Our professional caregivers provide personalized home care up to 24-hours a day and 7 days a week for seniors experiencing physical challenges, illnesses, or isolation.

Some of the home care services we offer are:

  • Caring companionship & social enrichment
  • Light housekeeping & laundry
  • Meal planning & preparation
  • Bathing & personal care assistance
  • Medication reminders
  • Transportation
  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care
  • Respite Care
  • Post-Hospital Care
  • Overnight and 24-hour service

Home Care FAQs

Having professional caregivers providing services tailored to your individual needs is a proactive way to help prevent expensive injuries or illnesses. The comfort and freedom of remaining in your home is priceless, and our clients regularly tell us that this is one of the most important investments they are making in themselves and their families.

We at villageplan™ take our clients’ needs, concerns, and personality into account when we match them with a caregiver. It is our highest priority to ensure a positive relationship between our clients and their caregivers.

Whenever changes are needed, we are here for you and will accommodate your personalized care needs. 

Why villageplan™ Home Care?

Our senior home care services are customized for each patient and provide relief for the family that is worried for their loved one in Renton. The services at Villageplan are not a one size fits all solution, everyone experiences aging differently and everyone has a unique personality that must mesh with their caregiver. 

Caring, for us, isn’t a job- it’s a calling that provides as much comfort to us as it does Renton seniors.

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