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Even those who provide care need care themselves.

Counseling for the Caregiver

Providing support for a Renton loved one is a courageous and loving thing to do, but it’s also a difficult job to be a caregiver. It’s important to have support for yourself, especially if the care you provide is beginning to cause continuous stress and affect your mental health.

Even caregivers need caregiving.

If you’re helping a loved one in Renton through a health crisis or helping them aging in place, we encourage you to read below and discover the support a caregiver needs.

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Our Caregiver Support Philosophy

Looking for a counselor for support is a sign of courage and strength, not weakness

Each caregiver is on their own path and it can be unnerving to find yourself in situations that were not expected. The caregiver field can feel scary and very lonely at times, and we understand that feelings of hopelessness and fear can unexpectedly surface from the circumstances of the present or the unknown of the future. 

If you’re feeling emotionally and physically drained from providing care for a loved one, lost or afraid of what the future has in store and overwhelmed by the decisions and obligations you have for the family, there is no shame in seeking counseling and the support you need. 

Your health, mental and physical, matter too.

Providing Support for Mental Health is a Privilege to Give to Caregivers.

By providing counseling and psychotherapy to caregivers, it is possible to find a renewed sense of hope, freedom from your pain, and a greater sense of control in your life and career again.

Our mental health counselor team specializes in issues related to aging. Whether you are providing care to a family member, to someone with a new diagnosis, or find yourself facing unexpected life situations, we at Villageplan are here to support you in navigating a new meaning and understanding in your life.

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Renton Counseling Specialties

As caregivers ourselves, we understand the challenges that come with aging and providing care for an aging loved one. We are here to meet you where you are and move forward together from there.

We have extensive experience in giving caregiver support to those facing challenges such as:

In-Home Services for Renton Caregivers

Balancing family, career and personal needs can make it difficult to visit a mental health counselor’s office. This is especially true if providing care for a loved one that has a medical condition that prevents them from traveling to appointments. We are able and happy to provide support to you in the comfort of your own home. 

Our counselors are available to give help in homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, adult family homes, or other types of care facilities. Whichever way is easiest to get the support needed.

We also serve the following communities:

Virtual Counseling for WA Caregivers

It can be challenging to access care and support for a family, whether you’re providing care for a loved one or having difficulty leaving for a counselor’s office due to health concerns, or there are no qualified counseling professionals in your area of WA. We at Villageplan believe everyone who needs support should have access to quality help. 

Virtual Counseling is a convenient and confidential way to meet with a licensed counselor without leaving your loved one at home or neglecting care responsibilities. All you would need for your appointment is a smartphone or computer with both internet access and video capabilities. While some may prefer in-person visits, many clients have reported how intimate counseling in their own homes can be.

Your Privacy Matters

We recognize the need for privacy and security. Our counselors use a HIPAA-compliant system to ensure your account information is protected.

Learn more about Villageplan licensed counseling – in the office, at home, or through videoconference.

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