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VillagePlan National Network

Wherever your loved one lives, our national network of Professional Geriatric Care Managers deliver:

  • Responsive In-Home and Hands-on Accredited Support When You Need it Most
  • Advocacy for Quality of Life, Coordinated Care and Access to Best Resources
  • Family-centric, Holistic, Comprehensive Plans of Care addressing clinical/non-clinical issues
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Responsive Help

When I found out that Mom fell and was going to the hospital, I needed immediate help!

Experts-on-Call 24/7

Our Experts-on-Call help the family caregiver calm down by organizing and prioritizing her situation and most pressing needs into a "SnapShot Report" that helps her deal with whatever episode has occurred.

There was no way could I get to my Dad and Mom's house! Our kids cannot miss school and activities.

Community Care Manager Network

VillagePlan assigned one of their Community Care Managers to visit right away and organized their medication schedule, talked with them about meal preparation help. "With VillagePlan, it was breeze."

My mom called me after one day, upset about her nursing home facility and I had no idea of what to do.

Coordination Help

VillagePlan took the call and in just hours visited Mom and began to help her get comfortable. Mom was just so pleased with the hands-on help; her rehabilitation went great.

For over two years Mom and Dad were just depressing to be around, as they had failing health and no friends left.

Getting Great Results

VillagePlan assessed my parents, took observations of their general health and emotional well-being, and provided a plan to create a social calendar that actually saved us money on caregiving time! Now we are one big happy family!

We recognize that even smart, innovative solutions can wind up with no takers if they turn out to be impractical from the standpoint of the delivery system.

-- Eric Coleman, MD, MPH Care Transitions Principal

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