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Solutions that Make an Impact

We’ve developed solutions for retirement, municipal, religious & privately-insured groups and membership organizations that put our expert care management services to work in pursuit of your goals. 

Our customized services can be provided in tandem with your group health plan or long-term care insurance to help reduce health-related costs incurred by your employees, retirees, or members, and their family caregivers.

As will all our services, our accredited professionals serve as the central point of communication for all eldercare or complex family needs with ongoing assessments of medical, health, home environment, family caregiving, social, legal and finance.

Case Studies

Our partnership with the Archdiocese of Seattle is a shining example of the impact proactive, expert care management has on outcomes at an individual and organizational level. Since its inception, the Care with Grace program has reduced the number of priests in crisis from 40% to 6%, while the average cost of support per priest has decreased 50%.

Empower your Organization with our Expert Services

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