Counseling for Elderly

We at Villageplan™ don't just offer caregiving assistance to help with physical issues, we offer geriatric counseling and counseling to help with the transitions so many older adults struggle with.

Counseling for Aging

Aging is a natural process that can present many challenges for a person, as well as their families; it can be a difficult adjustment, especially when combined with a medical diagnosis. Whenolder adults experience health issues and the stress that comes with it, this transition doesn’t have to be navigated alone.

By providing counseling and a therapist to older adults experiencing further aging, it is possible to find a renewed sense of hope, freedom from your pain, and a greater sense of control in your life again.

Our mental health providers and counselors specialize in issues related to aging. Whether you are facing a new diagnosis or unexpected life situations, we at Villageplan™ are here to support you in navigating a new meaning and understanding in your life as a senior.

Professional Geriatric Care Managers are experienced advocates capable of managing complex situations and finding intelligent and creative solutions for all care and management of care concerns.

Issues Older Adults and the Elderly Face

Many older adults approach their “Golden Years” anticipating retirement, grandchildren, and other affirming life experiences, but the next phase of life can also bring dread with the diminishing physical and mental experiences that come with aging. Beyond the physical challenges and mobility limitations many older adults face, struggling with one’s mortality comes to the forefront of mental health; this is especially difficult when friends and loved ones begin to pass away. Other experiences that the elderly face is isolation, ageism and the slow diminishment of many abilities adults take for granted.

Other challenges that mental health therapy can help to address with older people include:

While some of these issues that the elderly face can be the result of a medical condition, counseling can help manage the behavior and adjust to the older adults’ experience.

Our Mental Health Therapy Services

The specific services our counselors provide the older adult population and geriatric patients center around helping with the transition into further aging and managing a medical diagnosis that may lead to behavioral changes:

Providing Counseling and Support for Aging

It can be challenging to access mental care and support from a therapist, whether you’re having difficulty commuting to a counselor’s office due to health concerns, or there are no qualified counseling professionals in your area of WA.

We at Villageplan™ believe everyone who needs support should have access to quality help.

Our counselors are available to give help in homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, adult family homes, or other types of care facilities. Whichever way is easiest to get the mental support needed to make sure your mental health is in the right place.

Virtual Counseling is also an option, a convenient and confidential way to meet with a licensed geriatric counselor without leaving your home. All you would need for your appointment is a smartphone or computer with both internet access and video capabilities. While some may prefer in-person visits in Washington, many clients have reported how intimate counseling in their own homes can be in maintaining their mental health.

Your Privacy Matters

We recognize the need for privacy and security. Our counselors use a HIPAA-compliant system to ensure your account information is protected.

Learn more about Villageplan™ licensed counseling – in the office, at home, or through videoconference.

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