Care Management

We assess your health, family, social needs, and goals.

Rethinking Patient Care Coordination

Our well-being is comprised of a complex web of needs and desires. As our loved one’s age, it is common for adult children to become the primary decision-maker of care, managing several areas of needs.

Professional Care Managers are pivotal in assisting families when it matters most. They simplify, coordinate, and proactively guide the care of a loved one with intelligence, expertise, and heart.

Our Professional Care Managers are health and human services professionals who specialize in issues relating to eldercare. As Registered Nurses and Masters level Social Workers, they are professionally trained to work with aging adults and chronically ill persons to build a stable and quality life for clients and their families.

Professional Care Managers are experienced advocates capable of managing complex situations and finding intelligent and creative solutions for all care concerns.

How can we help with Care Management?

How We Help? Simply said, we save you time, money, and reduce your stress. Professional Care Managers (PCMs) are accredited experts in troubleshooting complex care issues. PCMs are Registered Nurses, Licensed Counselors, and Social Workers.

Our expertise includes:

  • Aging in place advocacy
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Home care
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Active lifestyle planning
  • Care Coordination
  • Crisis management
  • Family caregiving coaching
  • Mental Health counseling

We also provide valuable information to better help you enhance your loved one’s health, independence, and quality of life for both them and the family members providing care.

Aging Care Solutions & Family Caregiving Expertise

Care Management FAQs

Care Management services can be your family’s lifesaver! As your care management provider, villageplan™ can identify and engage with the resources that will meet your parents’ unique needs. We can be in constant communication with your family about your parents’ status, progress, and changing needs.

Yes. Our Care Manager can be your eyes and ears to help you manage your relative’s care and be your family's advocate for your loved one. For example, your care manager can accompany your loved one to a physician and then communicate to you about what transpired.

Each client and family are unique and has specific needs and concerns. During the initial consultation, we will determine your needs, explain our services, and identify your priorities. We will customize a comprehensive care plan that details the costs of the services you choose. The costs of your services, including travel time, are billed hourly.

No, at villageplan™ we offer care management services for anyone nationwide through our Experts-on-Call program. Call 833-750-1446 to speak with one of our Expert Intake Coordinators for more detail.

Telecare & Digital Caregiving.

Why choose villageplan™?

Our care plans are always customized for a client's particular needs and desires.We put the health of our patients first and our care management programs support the efforts of your loved one's primary care. Whether we are in the home and supporting the family's caregiving, caregiving ourselves, or supporting virtually, you can count on us doing everything we can to provide quality care management.

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