We’ve Rebranded!

Dear Employees, Business Partners, and Stakeholders,

By now you may have noticed that villageplan has rebranded with a new look and feel that not only modernizes our brand but allows us to continue to grow in the coming years. We are proud to share that apart from a new logo, we have unified our Sound Options, Tacoma, WA and Family First Senior Care, Spokane, WA merger partners into one new brand identity as villageplan. It seems like a big change, but rest assured, our core beliefs and quality service have not changed.

Our unwavering commitment to our values, our clients, employees, investors, business partners, and our core philosophy remains the same. Our new tagline says it all, Family First. Better Days villageplan will now have a youthful, fresh, and confident new look: with bold type, refined colors, and our most defining element: The Mark. The Mark might seem simple, two leaves different in size and color. And if you think so, you are right.

It is merely two leaves, but it connects the dots and reflects who we are: Caring. Nurturing. Growing. Loving. Our previous branding used a tree and leaves to reflect these words. Our new branding projects that we are that one leaf of the family tree that helps families when they need us most. It truly takes a Village; our new brand reflects this.

Situational change in our client’s world can result in a vast, complex array of decisions to be made. The real challenge for us is to help all our clients navigate this ever-changing world of Adult Caregiving, with as much love as possible. Mother Teresa is often attributed to have said, “It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing”, which we truly believe is the underlying word for villageplan’s existence, along with our deep sense of caring for family, this spirit, and our new brand will become a true differentiator for us.

“It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing” – Mother Teresa

We will endeavor to serve every single client, irrespective of economic strata, age, or geography, with the utmost dedication in a simple, focused, and principled manner. Change also means we need to be agile, and our new brand reflects that. We are dynamic enough to transform when the need arises, to showcase our youthful exuberance and our desire to constantly move forward. This attitude will help us stay current, competitive, innovative, and energetic. The new logo is also an expression of villageplan’s strong foundation and its long-term vision, built over the past 8 years on the principles of family, caring and it takes a village to provide quality care.

Our new brand reflects this sense of continuity and balance-connecting our past to the future. It brings to life our endeavor to cement ourselves as a leader in Expert Care Management, Counseling and Home Care with a family-first approach, backed by the right blend of technology and leadership. Numbers are what we always focus on, but they are just a part of what we are driven by. What they give our investors and us in turn, is far more powerful: Satisfaction. Innovation. Pride. Quality of life. It is these emotions that will continue to truly drive us. Because when we come together and put family first, we will all find returns in more ways than one. Welcome to the new villageplan. Family First. Better Days.

Thanking You.


Jennipher Ama

President | VillagePlan

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