7 Benefits of Having Care at Home

Senior grandparents playing with grandchildren and having fun with family.

Home health and home care services are often considered too expensive to have or not worth the extra cost. As a result, many families try to provide care to their loved ones instead of hiring a home health or home care agency. It’s an understandable belief of this service. However, the advantages given by having an agency assisting the care a family gives cannot be understated.

Home Health and Home Care Defined

Many people don’t know the difference between home health care and home care. Home health care can be paid through Medicare, requires a doctor’s order, and has a specific duration. If a patient’s conditions improve or cannot improve, they are discontinued from home health services unless they privately pay for it. These services are delivered by nurses, physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapists, personal care aides, and mental health counselors. Home care is paid through Medicaid, private pay or long-term care insurance. It doesn’t require a doctor’s order and consists of assisting patients with their daily routine like getting in/out of bed, dressing, and bathing. It also includes housekeeping, transportation, and grocery shopping. Formal caregivers have been vetted and have specialized training in how to work with patients with physical and mental disabilities

Benefits for Care at Home

Many consider these agencies only when a loved one has reached a point where it is unsafe for them to be alone in the home or is suffering from a chronic medical issue that requires them to have professional assistance. While that is partly what care in the home is for, it can also be temporary help while someone recovers from injuries. Care at home needs to be personalized to the situation and person receiving it, no matter if they’re seniors who want to age in place or a younger adult who needs some help around the home due to an injury.

Because of this personalized care, it’s best done by medical professionals instead of family. The types of care professionals needed range a great deal, and a care team can assist you.

Here are the seven benefits to having short-term or long-term care services at home:

  1. Greater Independence
    It isn’t uncommon for seniors to misrepresent their struggle at home alone due to not wanting to leave their house or lose their independence. Having care at home ensures your loved ones can remain in their own house and continue doing everyday tasks because the agency can assess the risks at home, assist in performing difficult tasks or remove trip hazards that can cause an accident.

  2. In Case of Emergency
    If something does happen, your loved one can receive quick medical attention due to the care provider being trained for medical response and being able to contact the right emergency services for the situation.

  3. Care Coordination
    Many agencies coordinate care to better help the family and the loved one receiving it. They can coordinate appointments, manage medicine and proper nutrition, monitor intakes, and ensure the professional team assigned is working together rather than disjointed. They only deal with issues related to their home care plan. For a comprehensive care plan that would include legal, financial and advocating for loved ones, villageplan offers care management that complement these agency’s care plans.

  4. Relief for the Family
    One of the greatest benefits of having care services in the home is the respite it provides the family. The burden of caregiving is immense; assisting with dressing, bathing, housework, and managing medical needs is quickly exhausting for many people who are trying their best to help. Having a care professional in a loved one’s home also provides emotional relief, knowing they’re cared for and safe to take time off if anything should happen.

  5. Saves Money
    It surprises many people to learn that hiring a care professional saves a lot of money. Families tend to focus on the extra cost of having care at home but remember to account for the money it saves from unnecessary hospital trips and delaying or preventing nursing care or intensive types of care from accidents occurring when alone.

  6. Care is Personalized
    Another one of the benefits that cannot be overstated is how important personalized, one-on-one care is to a person. No two people are alike, no matter if they have the same medical conditions, and require different kinds of care for a more effective treatment. Personalized care also helps build trust because the care professional gets to know the person, assess their needs, and what works best for them, which builds a bond.

  7. Companionship
    Building off the last benefit of having care services at home, a major issue for seniors is loneliness. By having a formal caregiver with your loved one, you can be assured that when you’re unable to visit or check in, they’re never alone and have someone to talk with or assist when they have friends over.

An Agency Designed For You

There are many more advantages to having a care professional at home with your loved one, but these seven benefits address the top concerns for families considering hiring a home care agency to help. Villageplan is dedicated to keeping your loved one in their home as long as we’re able to and ensure a comfortable, safe home for them to continue thriving in. Even as their home care needs change, nobody should be forced into a foreign environment simply because they need more care or they’re aging. We focus on providing compassionate in-home care and personalizing the care to the needs of the individual.

If you or someone you love are in need of home care, we encourage you to set up an initial assessment to see if we are able to help.

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