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Family First.

A Family’s loved one is one of a kind. They have hopes, goals, fears, and especially care needs, unique to them. It stands to reason that decisions made concerning their care should reflect those individual wants and needs.

So how does one make that plan? How does a family choose only services that meet their loved one’s needs, without invading privacy, over-spending available resources, providing inadequate care, or exhausting the family caregiver in the process?

Better Days.

Our Accredited Professionals serve as the family’s caregiver, advocate, and central point of communication for all needs holistically with initial and ongoing assessments of medical, health, home environment, social, legal, insurance, and finance.

We prevent poor care decisions and unnecessary crisis, while coordinating the needed resources and support team commitments required for the Family’s Plan-of-Care. Better Days.

Founder's Story

The challenges our Founder, Tony Roth, faced when his father was spiraling into decline seemed overwhelming for his brother and the entire family. Raised on a rural farm, there were limited resources readily available.  Upon his father’s passing in 2014, he began a mission to raise the awareness and provide better access to Professional Geriatric Care Management nationwide.  Today, villageplanTM is innovating new delivery methods of the highest quality care resources, partnering with healthcare system leaders and population-based needs, and rapidly expanding.

The transformation of Tony’s Mission began in 2015. He built out a National Network of Independent Providers with support from top PGCM’s throughout the U.S.  This positioned villageplanTM for large-scale opportunities.  The Plan to create a Care Management-Led Tech-enabled System was in-place.  In early 2016, Tony met Evan Falchuk, former President of Best Doctors, now a Teledoc Company.  A shared vision grew. Evan joined as CEO in April 2016.  Fall of 2017, villageplanTM won benefit programs with Microsoft, Wellspring Family Services. 

Seeking to build the right infrastructure, villageplanTM acquired Sound Options in 2018 and Family First Senior Care in 2019.  The Company quickly became a leading force in the Pacific Northwest as a Care Management-Led Company, adding Licensed Counseling and Home Care into the business mix.  The Company nearly doubled in size between 2018 – 2021 and is committed to its core values with the introduction of Telecare – Virtual Care Experts-on-Call Offerings and an Online Resources Platform.  villageplanTM is poised to continue its mission and journey.  

Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Villageplan™ is on a mission to change the way families care for aging loved ones. Villageplan™ personalized services give families access to the world’s best experts to help manage the challenges of caring for a loved one.

Currently the leading provider in the Pacific Northwest with regional offices in Tacoma, Renton, and Spokane, Villageplan™ also offers nationwide Expert Care Management services.

What We Do

Everything from dealing with difficult family dynamics, to the practicalities of how to make sure mom and dad’s home and medical needs are taken care of professionally. There is a heavy burden placed on the patient’s support system in today’s healthcare maze. By guiding families through avoidable medical expenses, unnecessary hospitalization, and a plan for increasing quality of life, everyone prospers.


To provide trusted advocates and expert direction to families’ navigating complex and age-related challenges.


We are committed to transforming the aging journey.

Our Values

The following represents the company’s core beliefs that guide decision-making and actions:

Meet Our Team


Jennipher Ama, RN CMC



Luciano Grubissich, M.D.

Medical Director

Cindy Stanfill

Director, Human Resources


Mary Lynn Pannen, RN CCM



Tony Roth

Innovation & Strategy


Becky Tiller, MA LMHC

Director, Licensed Counseling


Jennifer Shuman

Regional Manager of Home Care

Heidi Hodges.

Heidi Hodges

Assistant Regional Manager of Home Care


Tim Platt

Technology Applications


Nicole Clark, MS CMC

Clinical Systems & Data Analyst


Jenifer Nazarowski, LICSW CMC

Director, Care Management


David Snyder

Office Manager

Care Management & Licensed Counseling


Leah Roos, RN

Professional Care Manager


Emma Skjonsby,

Professional Care Manager & Counselor


Janet Pomeroy, MSW LCWAIC, CMC

Professional Care Manager & Counselor


Katie Riordan, RN

Professional Care Manager


Tammi Phillips, RN CCCTM

Professional Care Manager


Beth Priest, BSW

Professional Care Manager


Gene Altaffer, MSG

Expert Intake Coordinator


Lisa Baril, LPN

Care Manager Assistant

Wendy Holmes

Wendy Holmes, Ph.D., OT/L

Expert Care Manager

Care Management Kim Stoltz.

Kim Stoltz

Professional Care Management


Marina Arias

Professional Care Manager


Paige Ruemmler, BSW

Professional Care Manager

Tacoma (15)


Certified Therapy Dog

Home Care


Joey Powell, CNA

Assessment Coordinator


Shaimaa Kateh

Assessment Coordinator


Laura Socolan

Lead Home Care Coordinator


Lillian Khan, CNA

Lead Home Care Coordinator

Home Care Carmen Nalls.

Carmen Nalls

Scheduling Coordinator


Sonia Kleespie, CNA

Home Care Coordinator


Becky Knechtel

Home Care Supervisor


Danielle Ghormley

Home Care Coordinator


Carrie Averill

Home Care Supervisor


Laura Socolan

Lead Client Education & Intake Specialist

Business Development & Outreach


Kelly Hammond

Sr. Business Development Manager


Marcie Undlin

Sr. Business Development Manager


Laura Beigler

Client Education & Intake Specialist


Jesse Roberts

Community Outreach Manager

Aging of America Group, Inc.

Corporate Team

Evan Falchuck

Chairman & CEO

Anthony Cefalo

Chief Financial Officer

Allan Stratton

SVP, Technology Development

Corporate Board Members

Allen Bernardo

Managing Director,
Harmonic Fund Services

Scott Harshbarger

Partner, Casner-Edwards Former AG of Massachuesetts

Linda Waters

Founder & Former President & CEO, Detroit Commerce Bank

Adrienne Schneider

Board Member

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