About Us

Family First.

A Family’s loved one is one of a kind. They have hopes, goals, fears, and especially care needs, unique to them. It stands to reason that decisions made concerning their care should reflect those individual wants and needs.

So how does one make that plan? How does a family choose only services that meet their loved one’s needs, without invading privacy, over-spending available resources, providing inadequate care, or exhausting the family caregiver in the process?

Better Days.

Our Accredited Professionals serve as the family’s caregiver, advocate, and central point of communication for all needs holistically with initial and ongoing assessments of medical, health, home environment, social, legal, insurance, and finance.

We prevent poor care decisions and unnecessary crisis, while coordinating the needed resources and support team commitments required for the Family’s Plan-of-Care. Better Days.

Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Villageplan is on a mission to change the way families care for aging loved ones. Our personalized services give families access to the world’s best experts to help manage the challenges of caring for a loved one.

Currently the leading provider in the Pacific Northwest, Villageplan also offers its care management services virtually to families across the nation.

What We Do

Everything from dealing with difficult family dynamics, to the practicalities of how to make sure mom and dad’s home and medical needs are taken place a heavy burden on families in today’s healthcare maze. Our experts are professionals at guiding families through these tough situations to prevent avoidable medical expenses, unnecessary hospitalizations and to increase your family’s health  and quality of life.


To enhance the healthcare and aging journey through education, advocacy, and exceptional delivery of comprehensive care.


To lend our hands, hearts, and experience to the aged and vulnerable so that hope, dignity, and quality of life are ensured.

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